We believe in a more authentic, more comprehensive approach to digital marketing.

The buzzword you hear these days is “storytellers.” Every agency claims to be one. That’s not us. Your audience isn’t waiting for you to tell them a story. Storytelling is a one-way street. Your audience is waiting for you to communicate with them. To create a dialogue that connects with a need and promotes interaction.

That’s where we come in. Helping you to clearly define your brand communications then carry it through your digital marketing in a way that’s authentic, engaging and gets you closer to achieving your business goals.

Our expertise spans a variety of industry, our clients are located all across the country and we’re proud to call Columbus, Ohio our home.

Sound like the type of marketing partnership you're looking for?

Marsh Williams

Marsh Williams
web & business strategy

Marsh is an all things local loving, Kickstarter supporting, flip-flop wearing kind of guy. His passion in life, aside from his family, is helping businesses grow. He is the go-to man for cool gadgets as well.  Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee and get ready to have one heck of a conversation.

Gretchen Ardizzone

Gretchen Ardizzone
content marketing & strategy

Gretchen is a passionate brand marketer who works to develop content strategies that translate into a wide range of digital marketing materials.

When she’s not actively writing, you might spot her around town on the running trails, or taking in a Crew game at Mapfre stadium.

Nathaniel Seevers

Nathaniel Seevers
brand marketing & design

Nathaniel combines a background in brand communications & design with experience in marketing, copy writing, business development and social media strategy.

When not in the office you’ll likely find Nathaniel outside with his dog or in his home office listening to records.


Colin Smith
design, marketing communications

To be successful it takes a team willing to learn and do a variety of things. Colin fits perfectly into that scenario – eager to help any way he can and always with a positive attitude.

When Colin’s not helping our clients with WordPress and graphic design, you’ll find him fetching items from high shelves and dodging chandeliers (he’s tall).