Understanding How You Work Best

Leadership doesn’t always mean leading others or directing or delegating. Leadership starts with leading yourself; things like time management, being honest about your responsibilities, putting in the extra time to refine your skills. Part of that is understanding how you work best. What is the optimal situation for you to create your best work most […]

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Knowing versus Believing

Our job as marketers, communicators, brand builders isn’t so much helping people to understand as it is helping people to believe. Facts are good. They can be tough to digest at times, but all in all facts help us to make informed decisions. Facts are the basis for logic and reasoning. They are things we […]

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Don’t Just Take the Money and Run

Building a business is tough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Often times the toughest part though isn’t getting enough business to pay the bills but rather getting the right kind of business. The kind where you can share your gifts for the good of your clients and take steps toward reaching long-term growth goals: […]

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Don’t build a brand, build a community

Don’t set out to build a brand, set out to build a community. Build a place in hearts and minds and memories. Build a movement. Build a collective of beliefs and standards and by that a collective, focused group of advocates. That collective group will help you build the brand. Even when it comes to […]

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Who are you designing for?

The Design Dichotomy Whether you’re an individual designer or part of a design team or simply someone in a company who has some say in the final design output, you carry with you a heavy question. “Who is this design for?” One the one hand, knowing your audience and creating pieces that will resonate is […]

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stack of books

What I Learned From an Unplugged Weekend

A couple weekends ago I turned my phone back into a phone, took the smart out of smartphone if you will and unplugged for the weekend. It was long overdue. I knew it could be done. Even though I’m fairly young and of the generation who grew up with this technology – hyper-connected and uber […]

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facebook logo in the water

The Passive Generation and The Death of Like

A click can be such a meaningless thing. Often times having little to no real-world consequence. Often times requiring no real-world investment or commitment. In an era of Big Data, many companies, authors, brands, musicians, politicians continue to put heavy value on the volume of Likes, Plus 1s, Hearts, and Favorites they can measure. For […]

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Why Sales is No Longer About Selling

My wife and I purchased a new car recently. Not a new car mind you but a “new to us” car. A budget friendly, Ohio winter friendly, grown up anti-college car, car. It has just the right amount of bells and a humble, yet confident, whistle. This was the first time at a dealership in […]

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the wright brothers flight

Marketing Based on Desire Instead of Fear

Every day we’re subjected to broad brushed statements, taglines and data geared toward making us take some sort of action. It’s marketing. It’s communication. It’s normal. But all too often a portion of the content we digest on a daily basis works to drive action by peddling fear. Local news has been guilty of this […]

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a compass and a map

Key Components of a Brand Guide

A well formed Brand Guide can act as a compass for business decisions and marketing strategies. It’s a reference to why the brand was started in the first place and a watermark for where you’re heading. It’s more than just the design components. More than just the looks. It should, as accurately as possible, describe […]

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Hands typing

How to Deliver a More Concise Online Message

Let’s get to the point. Editing in writing and design is often the most critical step. In this age of instant information, instant access, instant gratification, here today gone yesterday attention span, it’s important to be concise with your communication. Helping companies, and ourselves, get a message across we often find the need to streamline […]

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picture of cat sitting on a laptop

Viral Videos Stuck in Our Heads

Admittedly our internal marketing meetings can sometimes take, we’ll call them, creative detours. The most recent creative detour led to a conversation on viral videos, our guilty pleasure love of cat montages and someone’s concerning level of anger over Me Too Marketing. That last one is a post for another day. So today over at […]

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picture of lego man screaming

Fear Driven Business Scares Me

Business can be rough these days. The pressure is on to keep up with the demands and changing ideals of consumers – who seem to be spending less and less. Or maybe they’re just spending smarter. The trends you jump on this morning are dying by sunset and new trends have moved in. Your competitors […]

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picture of clothes line with copy of Show Them Your Creative Briefs

Show Them Your Creative Briefs

You don’t have to be a big time ad agency or even run a traditional “creative” business to benefit from a creative brief. Maybe you’ve hired an outside team to help you design and build a new website or refresh your logo. Maybe your marketing team is about to get started on Linkedin ads. Both […]

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