Ted talks to keep you creative

Welcome to March! New Years resolutions have  faded, it’s STILL winter, and there’s a lot of work to be done. So here are a few TED talks to keep you inspired, creative, and motivated. Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius One of my favorite TED talks, author of Eat, Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert talks […]

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Who are you designing for?

The Design Dichotomy Whether you’re an individual designer or part of a design team or simply someone in a company who has some say in the final design output, you carry with you a heavy question. “Who is this design for?” One the one hand, knowing your audience and creating pieces that will resonate is […]

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picture of clothes line with copy of Show Them Your Creative Briefs

Show Them Your Creative Briefs

You don’t have to be a big time ad agency or even run a traditional “creative” business to benefit from a creative brief. Maybe you’ve hired an outside team to help you design and build a new website or refresh your logo. Maybe your marketing team is about to get started on Linkedin ads. Both […]

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Image of Why we love Moo - from Shout Out Studio

Why We Love Moo

We haven’t changed our Facebook status or anything yet but it’s fair to say the team here at Shout Out Studio are collectively in love and we’re all chasing the same crush. It’s a long distance relationship but has never once been a let down. We’re in love with Moo. There. We said it. Moo […]

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Photo of newly sharpened color pencils

How Color Can Impact Your Business

Color can play a major role in how folks think about your business Color choice in branding and identity design can come from many different places. Maybe it’s simply your favorite color or the color of your house when you were a kid or it’s a representation of a word or phrase in your company […]

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