Shout out Studio - How user experience affects page rank

How User Experience Affects Page Rank

This year marks a shift for what factors in on-page optimization are most affective for search engine rank. Some of the items have been closing in from a distance for a few years now, but 2015 has allowed them to take shape. Google (and Bing and Yahoo) are taking a more holistic approach to how […]

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Logo of a brain with title Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post

Anatomy of An Effective Blog Post

The why and how of an effective blog post – for beginners It’s no secret that a great blog keeps your site fresh and can provide a nice search engine bump. Not only that, it can also act as a strong voice for your brand and a means by which you establish a thought leadership […]

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3 Absolute Truths About SEO

Optimizing a website for search engines is absolutely critical for brands hoping to be the answer to a searcher’s query. While the importance is obvious, the strategy and tactics to get there are not. Being such a misunderstood practice, Search Engine Optimization has attracted both champs and chumps. Unsuspecting clients might have no clue they’ve […]

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