5 Basics for Marketing on Snapchat

100 million. That’s just shy of the number of people that watch the Super Bowl every year. That’s also about one third of the total United States population. 100 million is approximately how many people use Snapchat every single day. Think that sounds like a lot? Now think about seven billion. That’s how many views […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media

Social media is beyond mainstream, and many businesses today realize the benefits the various communication platforms can provide to reaching their business goals. The reality though is that as social media becomes larger landscape and more sophisticated over time, succeeding in the social realm can be tough…and it might require some additional expertise. So, if […]

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Marketing On Reddit

A Simple Guide To Marketing On Reddit

Everyone knows that social media marketing can be an incredibly powerful, and these days necessary, marketing tool. Most marketers gravitate to Facebook because it is easy to understand. The slightly more tech savvy will be engaged in twitter or maybe Pintrest. But very few marketers will dive into marketing on Reddit, and they are missing […]

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Social Media Success Summit

Social Media Success Summit – Part 1

This month we’re participating in Social Media Examiner’s 6th Annual Social Media Success Summit. The online conference focuses on all things social media with more than 45 of the world’s leading social media pros. Last year’s conference drew in 3,000 like minded marketers. Since we’re halfway through the conference, we thought we’d share a few […]

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Social Media Help From Your Friends

Launching a new brand on social media is difficult. It takes time to build your audience, find your voice, and win the attention of your target market. But what if you could speed that up a little bit? How you ask? Just ask your friends. Your friends, whether they are personal or professional, probably have […]

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Google Plus Communities to Join

Five Google+ Communities You Should Join

If you have a Google+ account that you use actively, you know about Google+ communities. Similar to LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups, it’s a categorized “community” based on a specific topic where anyone who has a Google+ page can join, chat and participate in the conversation. Below are five types of Google+ communities that are […]

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Twitter: Feeding the Need for Change

Feeling pressure from investors to change, Twitter is speculated to be introducing an algorithm-driven feed, much like you might be familiar with on Facebook. Currently what you see in your Twitter feed is a continuous flow of content from those that you follow and the occasional insert of a promoted tweet. At the Citi Global […]

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Do Companies Really Need Social Media?

A few months ago my brother and I were out to dinner talking about work and the topic of social media came up. In the discussion he said, “Our company would never use social media because we don’t need it.” I stared at him for a few seconds… wheels turning, gears grinding, ready to give […]

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Why Wanelo?

It’s a question that has been on my mind for quite some time now. For those that aren’t familiar, Wanelo, is a social platform that brings together stores, product and people all in one place. The platform whose name stands for “Want, Need, Love” launched in 2010 by web designer Deena Varshavskaya. We know that […]

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kid with sunglasses

Seasonal Social Media Campaigns

In retail, cadence calendars are the crux of keeping the in-store environment fresh with seasonal floor set changes to window and graphic signage programs. But do you consider seasonality for your online experience? Social media is a great way to connect your in-store environment with your online presence. After all, your customers don’t live in […]

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Instagram: Behind the Scenes of Business

A few weeks ago we wrote about our favorite people to follow on Instagram, but we didn’t really talk a lot about how to use Instagram for business. Thankfully we’ve been provided a great example by Beauty’s Most Wanted. Beauty’s Most Wanted teams up with Stylemakers to develop custom product lines for cosmetics and skincare […]

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Mark Zuckerburg

New Facebook Changes

As of two days ago Facebook is on the move to make big new changes in ad features and privacy settings, in addition to Zuckerberg growing up and losing the hoodie. Ads, privacy, no hoodie?! Oh my… The fear of the big blue button: The big new thing is Facebook has added privacy feature to […]

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Someone Was Listening

So a couple of weeks ago we blogged about social listening and it’s power to help connect with people. Well it works, or at least it worked for Liquid Web. Last week our major hosting provider Bluehost had a major outage and we Tweeted about it to our clients and followers. Well, lo and behold, […]

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facebook logo in the water

The Passive Generation and The Death of Like

A click can be such a meaningless thing. Often times having little to no real-world consequence. Often times requiring no real-world investment or commitment. In an era of Big Data, many companies, authors, brands, musicians, politicians continue to put heavy value on the volume of Likes, Plus 1s, Hearts, and Favorites they can measure. For […]

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30 Minute Social Media Strategy

I am constantly meeting people who are trying to use social media to help grow their business. The trouble is, they aren’t doing such a good job of it. Why? Time they claim. I get it, most small business owners are stretched extremely thin. But time shouldn’t be a barrier to doing social media well. […]

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Social Media Platforms of 2014

New forms of social media are popping up all the time, but the question is which ones are going to be the next big thing in 2014? I’ve heard about a few platforms through word of mouth and I’ve read about some online as well. However, I wanted to do thorough research of my own, […]

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