Hiring vs Retaining

We get this question often,
“Why wouldn’t we just hire someone in-house to do this for us?”

The fact is, we’ve been on both sides; before starting Shout Out we were part of an internal marketing team and now we’re called on by clients to supplement their internal team or, in some cases, serve as the full internal digital marketing team they’ve been lacking. We can work either way and here is what we’ve heard from our clients about the value of retaining an outside team versus hiring an individual in-house:


An in-house person hired by a company is often specialized in one particular area and a generalist in others. Many companies look to hire one person to cover a number of important tasks; a sort of swiss army knife of marketing. This approach often leaves gaps in performance.

When retaining Shout Out Studio our clients get access to a versatile but specialized team of individuals experienced across all the disciplines needed to do online marketing effectively. Retain us and you instantly add marketing strategy, brand positioning, seo, content creation, website support, ppc, social media, graphic design to your capabilities.

02. TIME

Email marketing, website updates, graphic design, social media, SEO, content creation, advertising… how does a one or two person marketing team get everything done let alone done well and on-time? Many companies feel their marketing isn’t working for them but often times the reality is there’s too much to balance and not enough resources.

The benefit of a having a dedicated team like Shout Out Studio on your org chart is that now you have the resources to cover the many important touchpoints in digital marketing.


Over the years we’ve developed the infrastructure to enable our team to hit the ground running. Whether your marketing initiatives are B2B or B2C, we bring strategy, the right tools for executing and measuring, the experienced team to get it done, as well as the personnel to manage the process.

04. COST

The cost of hiring an in-house team member usually includes salary (of course), plus benefits, management cost, supplies, etc. It adds up fast. When retaining Shout Out Studio our clients often find they get a full team and a tailored suite of marketing services for around the same monthly cost of 1 full-time in-house employee.

Not to mention…

We’re an Outside Perspective
No interoffice politics. No preconceived notions. No, “well that’s the way it’s always been done.” We can help open the door of never explored initiatives and we’re objective when subjective moments arise.

Leveling the Playing Field
We’re invested in your success. If you’re not seeing results, we’re not doing our job. That’s where our team mix is important. You’re not just getting people executing on a list of to-dos, you’re getting c-level strategy and vision, direction, management and the best part; our leaders are also doers.

Professional Development
Part of our job is to keep a finger on the pulse of new opportunities and trends. We work to keep our team sharp on the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the ever-changing world of digital communication.

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