What Small Business Can Learn from Big Brands in Digital Marketing

Editor’s Note: Shout Out Studio has partnered with students from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) to mentor, research and write a series of blog posts for shoutoutstudio.com. The authors are members of student-led group, East Bridge Consultancy, an affiliate of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity. By: Grant Smith & Kristian Jennes With the release […]

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How To Be A Better Business Blogger

In previous posts we’ve broken down the anatomy of an effective blog post and established why blogging matters for business, but how can YOU be a better business blogger? Here are a few best practices you might try: Collaborate With The Team There’s no “I” in team right? Well, there’s no “I” in blog either. […]

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Content That Adds Real Value

As marketers and bloggers we try to keep up on all of the marketing articles floating out there for consumption. For a while it was really good, it was the golden age of marketing materials. But in our opinion, that time has past. And lately we just feel like the same crap is being circulated […]

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Why is blogging important?

One of the questions we get asked most often is “Why is blogging important?” Here’s our experience… Our culture at Shout Out Studio is fairly open. As a result, one of the things we love to do is share our knowledge and learn from others; blogging seemed to be a great way to approach this for us. So, […]

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Image of desk workspace with title of Content Creation... Go With What You Know

Content Creation…Go with What You Know

Companies have become obsessed with content creation and many firms are completely flummoxed (yeah I love that word) by this concept, but go with what you know and you’ll do great. Every company in the world has a level of expertise in its core business. Think about it. How many times has someone shared a client […]

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Logo of a brain with title Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post

Anatomy of An Effective Blog Post

The why and how of an effective blog post – for beginners It’s no secret that a great blog keeps your site fresh and can provide a nice search engine bump. Not only that, it can also act as a strong voice for your brand and a means by which you establish a thought leadership […]

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