Brands & Politics: A Conversation Worth Having?

Editor’s Note: Shout Out Studio has partnered with students from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) to mentor, research and write a series of blog posts for The authors are members of student-led group, East Bridge Consultancy, an affiliate of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity. By: Daniel Kuperman & Sean Hynes When an increasingly […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media

Social media is beyond mainstream, and many businesses today realize the benefits the various communication platforms can provide to reaching their business goals. The reality though is that as social media becomes larger landscape and more sophisticated over time, succeeding in the social realm can be tough…and it might require some additional expertise. So, if […]

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Brand Building: Attracting Your Ideal Audience

Whether you are establishing a new brand, or taking a closer look at an existing brand, one key aspect to take into account is your audience. Furthermore, are you attracting the audience you want? Successful brands are able to identify and align with their audience in a way that is both natural and genuine. The […]

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Website Woes: What Not to Do

Whether you’ve just launched your website, looking to redesign, or perfectly content with it’s current performance, it still requires continual maintenance and should evolve over time. Sometimes though, best intentions can actually be bad practices. We’ve compiled our list of website woes to guide you on what NOT to do. Colin Smith Don’t over-complicate your […]

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Talk to Me: Great Brand Voice Examples

Character and personality are expressed through a brand’s tone-of-voice. Whether it be genuine or authoritative, for example, these are the characteristics that define your communications. From a simple tweet to an advertising campaign, your voice tells people who you are. Here are some of the best examples of great brand voice. Colin – Newcastle Brown […]

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Keeping the Office Creative

The ever changing landscape of business today is full of opportunity, risk, and the constant need to stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, the goal is the same: stay innovative and unique. This doesn’t only apply to products and services but also to problem solving techniques, new […]

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Email Marketing Etiquette

I sign up for emails from a lot of  businesses and service providers. Why? Not necessarily because I’m looking to purchase something, but because its a good way to study communications from a variety of brands. Recently though, I’ve noticed some of the basic mechanics of email communication seem to be missing. And if that […]

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The Passive Generation and The Death of Like

A click can be such a meaningless thing. Often times having little to no real-world consequence. Often times requiring no real-world investment or commitment. In an era of Big Data, many companies, authors, brands, musicians, politicians continue to put heavy value on the volume of Likes, Plus 1s, Hearts, and Favorites they can measure. For […]

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Real-Time Marketing

Last week our team participated in HubSpot’s one-hour live blogging challenge. While I typically prefer to plan, there was something exciting about how spontaneous it felt to participate in a real-time blog challenge. It forced us to be creative in the moment, use quick thinking, and utilize great time management skills. It is also inline […]

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Why Do We Have A Website?

Why do we have a website? Every-once-in-a-while it’s really important to stop and ask this question. It’s important to validate what we are doing as a company and make sure that we’re still on point with what we are publicly communicating about our organization. I can tell you this, what we were when we started […]

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Digital Marketing Terms Defined

If you’re new to digital marketing, you may find yourself in a world full of unfamiliar acronyms and jargon. It can seem intimidating, confusing, and even exclusionary. But, most of the time it’s a way for marketers to communicate with each other in the most efficient way possible. Knowing some of what it means can […]

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A Product of Craftsmanship

Were pretty big fans of beer here at Shout Out Studio. Recently we were fortunate enough to do a collaboration on our own beer with local brewery, Seventh Sons Brewing, here in Columbus. It got us thinking. Craft beer isn’t the only thing now a days being made in small batches by talented craftsmen. Here […]

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