Social Media Success Summit

Social Media Success Summit – Part 1

This month we’re participating in Social Media Examiner’s 6th Annual Social Media Success Summit. The online conference focuses on all things social media with more than 45 of the world’s leading social media pros. Last year’s conference drew in 3,000 like minded marketers. Since we’re halfway through the conference, we thought we’d share a few […]

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Growing, Maturing and Getting Organized

Growing, Maturing and Getting Organized I’ve been through so many start-ups it’s hard to count, but there is a point in each one where members of the team have to make a change in their mindset and for me it’s always hard. Starting out everyone knows everything that’s going on in the company all of […]

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Talk to Me: Great Brand Voice Examples

Character and personality are expressed through a brand’s tone-of-voice. Whether it be genuine or authoritative, for example, these are the characteristics that define your communications. From a simple tweet to an advertising campaign, your voice tells people who you are. Here are some of the best examples of great brand voice. Colin – Newcastle Brown […]

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mail slot in door

Email Marketing Etiquette

I sign up for emails from a lot of  businesses and service providers. Why? Not necessarily because I’m looking to purchase something, but because its a good way to study communications from a variety of brands. Recently though, I’ve noticed some of the basic mechanics of email communication seem to be missing. And if that […]

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How To Be A Better Business Blogger

In previous posts we’ve broken down the anatomy of an effective blog post and established why blogging matters for business, but how can YOU be a better business blogger? Here are a few best practices you might try: Collaborate With The Team There’s no “I” in team right? Well, there’s no “I” in blog either. […]

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Saying No

At one point in my career, about 324 years ago, I had the privilege of working with Harry Gard, one of the original people behind CompuServe, and one of his favorite sayings was “…I’ve made more money saying no than I ever have saying yes.” I’ve always had a tendency to say yes and felt […]

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Image of Post-it Note Faces with one green face smiling

Why Use Taglines When Branding

The jury of branding experts is out on the absolute necessity of a tagline in branding. Some argue that the majority of taglines are bad and basically worthless while others point to the tagline’s direct opportunity to communicate a brand’s purpose and difference right from the start. A more reasonable statement would be that, when […]

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What's In a Name

What’s In a Name?

Some things to think about when naming your business What’s in a name? Well, it sure meant a lot to Romeo and Juliet but does it have to be a life or death decision for your business? Not exactly. It shouldn’t however be a piece of your brand’s overall strategy that you take lightly. A […]

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