Image of mobile devices with title Mobile is dead think about a responsive website

Responsive website design…

Mobile is Dead. Think responsive website design. Actually it’s not really dead, but you should forget about doing a mobile site. Instead,  adjust your mindset to responsive website design. Here’s why. When smartphones first hit the scene no one thought they would be used for web browsing on anything other than an emergency basis. Wrong. […]

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Photo of Desktop with title of Why We Changed Our Website After 4 Months

Why We Changed Our Website After 4 Months

Back in September 2012, the team at Shout Out Studio schemed up a website for ourselves. During the planning meeting, we threw out an idea that a load of content marketers probably dream of: “What if our site was first and foremost a space to share content?” Rather than have a “typical marketing firm website,” we’d focus […]

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Keys to a New, Better Website in 2013

A new website might be in your organizations future. Maybe it’s even part of your new year’s resolution. Here’s some keys to helping your new website be the best it can be in 2013. Identify The Value of An Effective, New Website Knowing how valuable the website will be for your business is absolutely critical […]

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Why WordPress is the Best Option for Websites

Let’s take a minute and talk about WordPress. From a general standpoint WordPress is a Content Management System; one of many available. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. So why WordPress? Simple, it’s easy to use, there is a huge community of people surrounding it and anyone coming out of college since 2005 will be pretty comfortable […]

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