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Google Makes Mobile Site Mandatory

Well it’s now official. If you don’t have a website that is mobile friendly you’ll be harder to find on Google. After months of proclaiming the importance of having a mobile website, Google has finally implemented their changes that make a mobile site mandatory as part of a company’s SEO strategy. Up until last week, […]

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Website Woes: What Not to Do

Whether you’ve just launched your website, looking to redesign, or perfectly content with it’s current performance, it still requires continual maintenance and should evolve over time. Sometimes though, best intentions can actually be bad practices. We’ve compiled our list of website woes to guide you on what NOT to do. Colin Smith Don’t over-complicate your […]

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Responsive website design…

Mobile is Dead. Think responsive website design. Actually it’s not really dead, but you should forget about doing a mobile site. Instead,  adjust your mindset to responsive website design. Here’s why. When smartphones first hit the scene no one thought they would be used for web browsing on anything other than an emergency basis. Wrong. […]

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Mobile Internet Takeover

Mobile’s Internet Takeover

Mobile Internet and The Death of Desktop Statistics are showing that if mobile internet usage continues to grow at it’s current rate it will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015 and possibly even before. This shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise what with the improvements in smartphone capabilities, spread of network coverage and skyrocketing sales […]

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