graphic of icon and copy of Test Driving the New Google Databoard

Test Driving the New Google Databoard

The internet has blessed us with many things. New ways to communicate across distances. The ability to tour a city or building on the other side of the world. Opportunities for new business ventures, avenues for invention, enhanced celebrity obsession and copious amounts of cat videos. And insights. Data at our fingertips. With a little […]

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Which Social Network for What?

LinkedIn has just released a new report on how people use various social networks to stay in touch: “The Mindset Divide Revealing how emotions differ between personal and professional networks.” Most of us have multiple networks we use on a regular basis. This report highlights the differences between how we use them as well as […]

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Great Social Media Research

Looking for some good  and current research information on social media and how it is being used by various small businesses and segments in the market? What sites are generating the most action and where is the time/money being spent? Marketing Pros just published a new study covering current usage of social media. Here are […]

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