Why Sales is No Longer About Selling

My wife and I purchased a new car recently. Not a new car mind you but a “new to us” car. A budget friendly, Ohio winter friendly, grown up anti-college car, car. It has just the right amount of bells and a humble, yet confident, whistle. This was the first time at a dealership in […]

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Image of businessman with a megaphone with title of Some Comanies Just Shouldn't be on Twitter

Some Companies Should Not be on Twitter

No matter how much we want to think otherwise, some companies should not be on Twitter and we’ve seen more than our share of people that burn out because they are just working against a system that doesn’t support social media for marketing. A lot of times these issues have nothing to do with social […]

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breaking bad marketing habits

Breaking Bad Marketing Habits

The line between sales and marketing is now barely visible for companies approaching it correctly. For the rest lingering, out of date sales and marketing habits put their prospective clients at arm’s length and threaten nearly irreparable damage to the brand. Relationship building, though always important in business development, has been amplified by a shift […]

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