5 Easy, Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

5 Easy, Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

5 Easy, Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Business 1920 595 Soula Spanorigas

We all know the Pinterest craze of 2011. We used Pinterest boards to plan out a family trip or maybe DIY nail ideas. Since then, Pinterest has evolved tremendously. Now more than ever, businesses are utilizing Pinterest as not just a way to share cool photos but to drive new business. Here are 5 practical and quick ways that you can help your Pinterest audience grow using Pinterest Business:

1. Keep Up With The Trends

Pinterest has a great new feature called Pinterest Trends. You can find it in your Pinterest business account under the Analytics Tab. Pinterest Trends is a very valuable tool where you can find the top Pinterest trends in the United States. Want to know what others are pinning about and how well they are performing? The Trends Tab is the place to look! Be sure to take advantage of this tool to pin for your business based on what is most popular at the time.

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2. Take Advantage of Pin Titles and Descriptions

We all know that Pinterest is a visually dominant platform, but don’t let that fool you! Yes, the photos are essential, but your pin titles and descriptions are almost as important as the actual photo. Just like you would pay attention to your website’s SEO keywords, you need to also pay attention to the keywords you are using in your pin titles and descriptions. Be sure to use words relevant to your business and clear descriptions of your pins.

3. Schedule Your Pins

Pinterest recently released scheduling capabilities within the platform! This makes pinning content much easier because you can do it ahead of time instead of logging into Pinterest every day and pinning on your own time. Maintain a consistent schedule and pin throughout every week.

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4. Use Your Audience Insights

Do you ever wonder who exactly is interested in your pins? The Audience Insights drop-down under the Analytics Tab is the place to go. On this page, you can find information about your audience’s interests, age, gender, and location. This information is important when you’re trying to reach a certain demographic with your pins. Make adjustments to your pinning and see how your audience’s interests change.

5. Keep A Close Eye On How Each Pin Is Performing

Pinterest makes it super easy to see how your pins are performing and how many people you are reaching. Head to the Overview drop-down to view your account’s overall performance. Keep track of account impressions, engagements, and total audience month to month and record your top-performing pins. Once you know what is performing well, try pinning about similar topics!

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