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What's In a Name
What’s In a Name? 842 452 Nathaniel Seevers

What’s In a Name?

Some things to think about when naming your business What’s in a name? Well, it sure meant a lot to Romeo and Juliet but does it have to be a life or death decision for your business? Not exactly. It should be a piece of your brand’s overall strategy and it shouldn’t be something that…

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Your Brand is Jello 842 452 Shout Out Studio

Your Brand is Jello

Your branding is Jello on the wall. Jello with a nail through it. You can’t define your brand. You can try. But it’s not for you to define. Your company’s brand is the idea about you that exists in the mind of consumers. Your brand is an idea.

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What to Look for in a Web Marketing Partner 842 452 Nathaniel Seevers

What to Look for in a Web Marketing Partner

Looking for an internet marketing partner can be a long, tedious task. Making the wrong decision will be a waste of money, time & brand equity. Here are eight key characteristics you should be looking for in your marketing partner. Clearly Defined Process A marketing partner is more about the process than about product. Every…

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Creating Effective Calls-to-Action 842 452 Nathaniel Seevers

Creating Effective Calls-to-Action

Whether you’re running an online store or not odds are you would like visitors to your website to take some sort of action once they get there. Could be as straightforward as clicking buy now or add to cart, or maybe filling out a contact us form, maybe registering for a newsletter, or downloading your…

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Twitter For Business Part 2 – Tools of the Trade 1920 700 Nathaniel Seevers

Twitter For Business Part 2 – Tools of the Trade

Last week in Part 1 we provided some really fundamental notes on getting your business’ Twitter account rolling. The common thread of that post, which will carry over here, is that you should focus efforts that drive engagement on Twitter. Efforts of that kind can take time, dedication and patience. In this post, we’re going…

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Mobile Internet Takeover
Mobile’s Internet Takeover 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

Mobile’s Internet Takeover

Mobile Internet and The Death of Desktop Statistics are showing that if mobile internet usage continues to grow at its current rate it will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015 and possibly even before. This shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise what with the improvements in smartphone capabilities, the spread of network coverage and skyrocketing…

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Twitter Tips for Business Part 1
Twitter Tips and Basics For Business Part 1 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

Twitter Tips and Basics For Business Part 1

Twitter provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses looking to talk with and learn more about their customers and potential customers. What happens all too often, however, is companies sign up, toss a Follow Me icon on the website and wait for followers to show up. Twitter is a community of give and take. You should…

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target marketing
To Begin Target Marketing Get Laser Focused 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

To Begin Target Marketing Get Laser Focused

We often come across companies that know they want to market themselves but they don’t know what to say or how to say it. More than that, they don’t know whom to say it to and they often resort to grabbing a bullhorn and yelling to everyone. Target marketing helps you to be engaging to…

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A Plea to Get Your Business Online 842 452 Shout Out Studio

A Plea to Get Your Business Online

I’m here to help your business, so I wanted to make a simple plea. Please use the internet to reach your audience. For your own sake… please….. Millions and millions of folks across the country are logging in every day. Folks sitting in their cubicle are surfing the web while they’re supposed to be working.…

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