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5 Must Reads for Small Businesses
5 must reads for small business folks and business dreamers 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

5 must reads for small business folks and business dreamers

Not every book you read to help your small business has to do with accounting or hiring and firing or how to be the perfect manager. Those may be important topics but so are less tangible subjects such as inspiration, creativity, and differentiation. Below are five must-reads for small business owners and business dreamers of…

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Brand Equity 1920 700 Shout Out Studio

Brand Equity

What is brand equity and what does it mean for your business? “Products are created in the factory, brands are created in the mind.” – Walter Landor A former CEO of McDonald’s once said, “If every asset we own, every building, every piece of equipment were destroyed in a terrible natural disaster, we would be…

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The Risk of Insult is the Price of Clarity 842 452 Shout Out Studio

The Risk of Insult is the Price of Clarity

Marketers can live in a precarious position. Often existing somewhere between the legal department, HR, accountants & the C-suite; marketers can be pulled in every different direction. The result is often mediocre, watered-down messaging. “Don’t say that, we might offend somebody.” or “We don’t want our competition to know our secrets.” or “Show me something…

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Seducing Your Audience 842 452 Shout Out Studio

Seducing Your Audience

Choosing between boring, yelling at or seducing your audience seems obvious; seduction wins, duh! But all too often we don’t take the time to seduce the audience. We fall into messaging, writing and design that will offend nobody and –  consequently –  will engage nobody. Seduction requires being subtle in some ways & overt in…

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photo by Barbara Willi used under Creative Commons 2.0
25 Simple Methods to Get Inbound Links For Your Website 842 452 Shout Out Studio

25 Simple Methods to Get Inbound Links For Your Website

One of the truths about SEO is that inbound links are absolutely critical to increase your search ranking. When I explain how Google sees inbound links as votes of confidence, I always see folks nod their head. Yes. Yes. Yes. Then I ask them how they think we should go about link-building. Blank stare. I…

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Analytics Marketing Tips 842 452 Nathaniel Seevers

Analytics Marketing Tips

Analytics Marketing Strategies Understanding analytics marketing these days seems to require the Wizard of Oz. A group of uniquely important characters, related in more ways than they realize – all with individual goals that turn out to be on the same ultimate path. They all rely on each other to get where they’re going. They…

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Reflections on KitchenAid’s Twitter Gaffe 842 452 Marsh Williams

Reflections on KitchenAid’s Twitter Gaffe

The social media ecosphere has been going crazy after the gaffe made by a KitchenAid employee who thought they were tweeting from their personal account but quickly found out they weren’t. When I first read this story all I could think of was what a sickening feeling the individual responsible must have had when they…

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Photo of a row of seats in a college lecture hall
The Benefits of Internships 880 461 Shout Out Studio

The Benefits of Internships

I can sit studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs and core elements of consumer-driven marketing strategy for years, which it seems I have been doing nothing but for 4 years. Yet no matter how much I immerse myself in my textbooks, nothing will prepare me for real life experience more than working in, well, real…

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Photo of a calander with margins
Plan Your Work with Margins 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

Plan Your Work with Margins

The last few months have been a sprint. Seeing how times like that can impact the quality of work and life got me thinking about margins. Not the profit kind, though they are important for your business. I’m referring to time margins. Thought margins. Creative margins. Take a break margins. Read some fiction margins. Listen…

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