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We are a digital team who lives, eats, breaths all things digital. On any given day I have about 30 blogs that I read through with my morning coffee, and I always encourage my team to share with me new blogs they come across and yes, I read them all. I have learned and understand that you have to share the content you find that is a hidden gem. There are a handful of bloggers who I always go to first, every single morning, and they each bring their own asset to the table for different reasons:

Chris Lema

Chris Lema is all about helping businesses use wordpress. His blog is pretty awesome, spot-on, and the best part is it’s personal. I respect a blog that represents the transparency of a company or individual – it shows me they have nothing to hide. Quite frankly, that isn’t something every company has. My favorite recent post from Lema is Three Lessons I Learned (and could only learn) In A Startup. Coming from someone who has watched our startup well, startup, I enjoy a different perspective.


Oh, Copyblogger. My blog crush. This gang is all about solutions for smarter content marketing, and their blog perfectly reflects this. My favorite recent post from these guys is How To Be Authentic, for good reason. Being authentic is the most important aspect of doing really good business.

“Being “authentic” means being genuine. It means having an honest conversation with your audience.”

Seth Godin

This guy constantly is throwing out bits of inspiration left and right. I love sharing is posts. The recent inspiring piece of Seth Godin’s blog that I actually read this Tuesday morning over coffee was, Set A Date. “If you haven’t announced a date, you’re not serious… If your project can’t pass this incredibly simple test, it’s not a project.” Since this post caught my eye I’ve been working towards setting dates (not deadlines). I find deadlines stress me out, making my work suffer. However, respectable dates allow me to stay focused. Godin is my most inspirational blog. His posts are dead-on and true. One of those bloggers who makes me think “why didn’t I think of this?!”

Moz Blog

I like these folks because they are focused on SEO and Inbound marketing, different aspects of marketing than my other primary blogs for reading. I may be biased but I am quite the fan of blogs with different perspectives of marketing. This blog as a large range of posts however they are all interesting, informative and quite frankly, just stuff I actually want to read.

Do you have a blogger you check up on every day? Share with us.

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Social Media Burn Out

The Trend in Social Media is on Reducing the Noise

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Why the Move in Social Media is Toward Reducing Noise

It seems like everyone has a blog these days and every company is cranking up the content marketing engine. Information is a dime a dozen and it’s accessible from every device and we consume more of it than ever before.

But there’s a shift taking place. Local, regional and craft movements aren’t just happening on the streets in your hometown. They’re also happening across social media.

We’re using Feedly and Pocket to collect and filter info we actually want to read and save it for later. Mailbox is helping us put off reading less important emails until tomorrow. Smart social media is allowing us to Consolidate, Segment and Simplify. Is it possible we’ve nearly come through the stage of Social Media Glutton and we will now trend toward reducing the noise? read more

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