The Best Tip You’ll Get for Filming Your Video Interviews

The Best Tip You’ll Get for Filming Your Video Interviews

The Best Tip You’ll Get for Filming Your Video Interviews 1900 700 Jared

Looking to expertly film marketing interviews? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got the only tip you need to nail that interview recording.

We know that video interviews and testimonials are one of the most powerful types of content in your advertising arsenal — 79% of consumers claiming to watch video testimonials to find out more about a company, product, or service, and reporting they’re more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a product/service has helped someone else like them.

Those are not numbers to ignore.

After 10+ years of marketing for our clients, we’ve heard all the video production horror stories. While there are likely multiple businesses in your area that offer professional video production services, there is also one thing they ALL bring to the table: The Fear Factor.

Whether you’re interviewing a fellow coworker for their expertise, a client for their testimonial, or a consumer for their experience, odds are they aren’t accustomed to the “Hollywood-level” setup and equipment that any professional production service would bring in.

If your interviewee is like most people, those bright, tall lights, mics, and cameras are going to be the first and only thing on their mind until the moment they walk out of the room. Intimidating your interviewee is one of the best ways to tank the quality of their responses before even asking your first question.

Hot Tip: The video setup interviewees walk into will immediately determine their comfort level during your conversation!

While a little rig, something like a SmallRig, may not look like much, that’s the whole point now, isn’t it? Big scary cameras, microphones, and lights? Not with this little guy. With a tool like this, your team has everything it needs to film a quality interview… without the whole fear factor!

Video Interviews

{ Just to be clear, we aren’t being paid or anything to advertise this. We are, however, adamant believers in quality content marketing and speak from experience that this is a great tool to help teams capture high-quality content. }

Now, like we were saying before, a tool like the “SmallRig” has everything you could need to film a quality interview or whatever other type of video you have planned.

This includes a mounted light (with adjustable brightness and color temperature), microphone, and battery pack — all housed on tripod legs with easy-to-hold handles. Want to switch to a horizontal orientation? Simply unscrew the frame from the legs then screw it back on whichever way you’d like! It really is that simple.

Now, to clarify, this is just a rig. While the SmallRig specifically does not come with a camera, it does, however, include an adjustable phone mount — locking your phone tight in place for whatever angle you’re after. That’s right, no big expensive camera is required either! Nearly any smartphone camera captures high-resolution video.

Again, we’re not trying to sell you anything. We’re just here to provide an inside look at a nifty tool that our company and clients have found helpful to create high-quality video content.

Still looking for help, advice, or just have a question? Let us know! No sales. No B.S. Just a good, honest conversation meant to help you or your team truly understand what goes into filming a quality video. 

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