Breaking Bad Marketing Habits

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The line between sales and marketing is now barely visible for companies approaching it correctly. For the rest lingering, out of date sales and marketing habits put their prospective clients at arm’s length and threaten nearly irreparable damage to the brand. Relationship building, though always important in business development, has been amplified by a shift to relationship marketing and from deceptive, quick turn, marketing practices.

Every day we see a number of companies using new technologies with old methodologies. From tactical to philosophical, here are 6 sales and marketing bad habits everyone should work to break. read more

Mobile Internet Takeover

Mobile’s Internet Takeover

Mobile’s Internet Takeover 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

Mobile Internet and The Death of Desktop

Statistics are showing that if mobile internet usage continues to grow at its current rate it will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015 and possibly even before. This shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise what with the improvements in smartphone capabilities, the spread of network coverage and skyrocketing sales of mobile devices.

Unfortunately for some businesses, it must be a surprise as we see too many websites not ready for mobile and too many businesses not communicating with their audience on social platforms – which already accounts for nearly half of all mobile use. read more

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