Is There a Formula for Viral Content?

Over $46,ooo and counting for potato salad on Kickstarter. For potato salad. Zack (Danger?) Brown decided to make some potato salad and enlisted the help of Kickstarter to raise funds. Whether it was the sheer curiosity of where it could go, or the entertaining description and goals set by Zack, or that hungry people really […]

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Website Woes: What Not to Do

Whether you’ve just launched your website, looking to redesign, or perfectly content with it’s current performance, it still requires continual maintenance and should evolve over time. Sometimes though, best intentions can actually be bad practices. We’ve compiled our list of website woes to guide you on what NOT to do. Colin Smith Don’t over-complicate your […]

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Talk to Me: Great Brand Voice Examples

Character and personality are expressed through a brand’s tone-of-voice. Whether it be genuine or authoritative, for example, these are the characteristics that define your communications. From a simple tweet to an advertising campaign, your voice tells people who you are. Here are some of the best examples of great brand voice. Colin – Newcastle Brown […]

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Apps We Can’t Live Without

Nowadays there’s an app for just about everything you do… from checking the weather to tracking your fitness to managing budgets to connecting with friends. While being connected all the time can have its downsides, there are some apps that as a team we depend on daily. Whether it be a break from business or […]

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Instagram: Who To Follow

What started as a smartphone app has quickly grown into one of the major social media platforms with over 200 million users. And with the 2012 purchase by Facebook, the popular photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, shows no plans for slowing down. The visual element and simplicity of use are undeniably attractive for businesses […]

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Favorite Quotes of the Week

As integrated team, communication is key. We use lots of mediums to communicate on a regular basis: email, text, Skype, Google Hangout, and good ole conversations, and occasionally we have priceless moments that make us laugh. Check out some of the entertaining musings of our team members in this collection of our favorite quotes of […]

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Favorite Offline Marketing Tactics

While we may be in the business of digital marketing, we still believe in marketing methods offline. Combining a strong digital marketing strategy with your offline marketing efforts is the best way to have a cohesive strategy in obtaining new customers and communicating with existing ones. Here are a few of our favorite offline marketing […]

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Social Media Habits

They say a habit is a routine or behavior repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. But as we know, not all habits are good. Recently the team at Shout Out got into a discussion of social media habits in particular, and realized we all had some that we wanted to build and some that […]

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Biggest Marketing Mistakes

Marketers have the great responsibility (and sometimes burden) of coming up with creative, attention-grabbing campaigns, communications, advertisements, and more, and every once in a while there’s a marketing initiative that makes us ask, “What were they thinking?” We’ve compiled what we believe are some of the biggest marketing mistakes from years past and others very […]

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