The Risk of Insult is the Price of Clarity

The Risk of Insult is the Price of Clarity

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Marketers can live in a precarious position. Often existing somewhere between the legal department, HR, accountants & the C-suite; marketers can be pulled in every different direction. The result is often mediocre, watered-down messaging.

“Don’t say that, we might offend somebody.”


“We don’t want our competition to know our secrets.”


“Show me something more … um … corporate looking.”

These are the kiss of death to marketing success. Roy H. Williams in his classic book, “The Wizard of Ads” gives 9 key words that will determine the success of your marketing efforts:

“The risk of insult is the price of clarity.”

If you’re going to seduce the perfect customers and clients, then you’re going to have to risk insulting those who are outside of that group.

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