Knowing versus Believing

Our job as marketers, communicators, brand builders isn’t so much helping people to understand as it is helping people to believe. Facts are good. They can be tough to digest at times, but all in all facts help us to make informed decisions. Facts are the basis for logic and reasoning. They are things we […]

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Don’t Just Take the Money and Run

Building a business is tough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Often times the toughest part though isn’t getting enough business to pay the bills but rather getting the right kind of business. The kind where you can share your gifts for the good of your clients and take steps toward reaching long-term growth goals: […]

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Is There a Formula for Viral Content?

Over $46,ooo and counting for potato salad on Kickstarter. For potato salad. Zack (Danger?) Brown decided to make some potato salad and enlisted the help of Kickstarter to raise funds. Whether it was the sheer curiosity of where it could go, or the entertaining description and goals set by Zack, or that hungry people really […]

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Why Sales is No Longer About Selling

My wife and I purchased a new car recently. Not a new car mind you but a “new to us” car. A budget friendly, Ohio winter friendly, grown up anti-college car, car. It has just the right amount of bells and a humble, yet confident, whistle. This was the first time at a dealership in […]

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Saying No

At one point in my career, about 324 years ago, I had the privilege of working with Harry Gard, one of the original people behind CompuServe, and one of his favorite sayings was “…I’ve made more money saying no than I ever have saying yes.” I’ve always had a tendency to say yes and felt […]

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Why Do We Have A Website?

Why do we have a website? Every-once-in-a-while it’s really important to stop and ask this question. It’s important to validate what we are doing as a company and make sure that we’re still on point with what we are publicly communicating about our organization. I can tell you this, what we were when we started […]

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the wright brothers flight

Marketing Based on Desire Instead of Fear

Every day we’re subjected to broad brushed statements, taglines and data geared toward making us take some sort of action. It’s marketing. It’s communication. It’s normal. But all too often a portion of the content we digest on a daily basis works to drive action by peddling fear. Local news has been guilty of this […]

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Building a Successful eCommerce Site – Part 3

In parts one and two of Building a Successful eCommerce site we talked about location and design, respectively. Those two aspects of eCommerce sites and brick and mortar stores are fundamental to success throughout the life of the business, but even if both those aspects are stellar the business may not succeed long enough to […]

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sign and guitar

Marketing Equals Engagement

We’ve been on an internal campaign lately to think less about marketing and more about engagement. After all you cannot create a customer/client/friend/whatever until you engage them in some way. The phrase we’ve been kicking around is AIDA—not the opera, but ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE, ACTION. It’s a natural progression in forming a relationship that so […]

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Statue with head in hands

Biggest Marketing Mistakes

Marketers have the great responsibility (and sometimes burden) of coming up with creative, attention-grabbing campaigns, communications, advertisements, and more, and every once in a while there’s a marketing initiative that makes us ask, “What were they thinking?” We’ve compiled what we believe are some of the biggest marketing mistakes from years past and others very […]

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a compass and a map

Key Components of a Brand Guide

A well formed Brand Guide can act as a compass for business decisions and marketing strategies. It’s a reference to why the brand was started in the first place and a watermark for where you’re heading. It’s more than just the design components. More than just the looks. It should, as accurately as possible, describe […]

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