Creative. Curious. Dependable. Analytical. Humble. Approachable. Empathetic.


Why is a magical word. When conversations start with Why it gives us everything we need to address the How. When we start with Why, we can begin to understand what you need and Why you are trying to get there.When we start with Why, we can be sure we understand your business goals so they become ours.

Too many firms in our field start with How. How is important. How informs the journey, but it’s Why that sets the destination. So, if you’re looking for a marketing partner who really wants to focus on your Why, let’s talk, and we will build a How that supports your business goals. We are powered by Why.

Marsh Williams


A lifelong communications proponent and marketing strategist, Marsh brings a perspective that puts marketing and analytics to work for the bottom line. When not in the office you’ll find Marsh with his camera exploring the great outdoors.

Nathaniel Seevers


Nathaniel’s passion is moving brands forward. He’s always thinking about the influence of design and voice, “how can we make this better, more clear, more engaging?” He only stops to disconnect with a good book or glass of bourbon.

Melissa Braitwaite


Connection is at the heart of how Melissa helps organizations, be it by bridging analytics and fresh ideas or connecting business goals with smart communications. Melissa recharges her creative skills by exploring nature, live music, and good food.

Jared Hegyi


Jared leverages the nuances of each social platform – helping our clients grow in the ever-changing landscape while nurturing relationships with existing audiences. IRL, Jared is often seeking the next best place to set up camp.. or sit down and eat.

Soteria Avila


Design is problem-solving, and Soti’s ability to approach new challenges from fresh angles results in imaginative pieces for our clients. Away from the monitor, you might find Soti with her nose in a book or eye to her camera’s viewfinder.

Soula Spanorigas


Soula brings a sense of calm to our busy office with her willingness to support multiple project types. When she’s not researching, writing, or developing top-notch content, you’ll find her traveling to the nearest beach or spending time at the gym.

Krysten White


Krysten is a versatile designer with experience creating impactful marketing pieces for a range of industries. Her collaborative nature makes her a great team member. Her adventurous nature means good luck finding Krysten once the workday is done.

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