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Getting Beyond Meh…

Creating a social media post is really easy, creating one that actually accomplishes something is not. What are you doing? This is the question I have started asking myself with every post created for our company or our clients. This gives fundamental guidance, and it’s helping. I also think of a post as a type…

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Tips and Tools for Virtual Work

It’s a brand new world and for the first time many are finding themselves working in a comfortable, but unfamiliar space; at home. While we have been fortunate enough to experience this before we also realize it is new to many so we’ve put together some of our top tips for being productive while operating…

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1920 703 Durelle Love

Targeting Has Changed – And So Should You!

The Most Effective Way To Connect: For marketing to be effective, a business must target.  This isn’t a new concept; but why is it important? Consumers don’t want companies to make broad assumptions and treat them like the masses. Consumers want brands to dive deeper, and make an effort to speak to them in unique…

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1920 703 Marsh Williams

Instagram is Facilitating Theft from Users

The Problem More and more companies are stealing from Instagram users, and Instagram is driving the getaway car. Over the last few months, I have noticed, as an Instagram user, many suspicious-looking ads on the platform, and recently these ads have moved from suspect to outright fraudulent. Ads showing one product and shipping a far…

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1920 703 Nathaniel Seevers

How to Work Through a Logo Refresh

Trained or untrained eye, sometimes it’s clear that a logo no longer holds up in the marketplace. Maybe it relies too heavily on past design trends and hasn’t aged well. Or frankly, maybe it was poor design from the start. On the flip side, even the most well-designed logos can periodically benefit from a design…

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Pieces of the brand puzzle
1920 950 Marsh Williams

Brand Voice, Story, Audience

With apologies to Rod Stewart – “every company tells a story.” Every company has a story to tell, one worth listening to, but for the most part, one that exists in pieces all around the office. Oh, it’s all there, it just has not been gathered and assembled into a single cohesive message, and frankly,…

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1920 950 Marsh Williams

The Incredible Power of Online Reviews

Everyone has a story about online reviews; some are good and well, some aren’t. So before we take a deeper dive, let’s go to the board for a few stats.97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses – Source 94% of consumers read online reviews; they trust reviews as much as recommendations from…

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Brand Consistency is Worth 23%

A survey we recently ran across had a statistic that, frankly, astounded us:  The average increased revenue attributed to consistent brand presentation, by the organizations that responded, is 23 percent. Most people would view this as low hanging fruit and take 23 percent in revenue. At least that’s what we thought.  As we read further…

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Photo of person shopping on iPad
1920 703 Hailey Smith

Remarkable Marketing

For the average consumer, basic needs and wants are only a few clicks away or ready for pick-up, maybe even delivery. Brands are constantly wanting to be a part of this transaction and so they storm consumers with marketing noise in an effort to do so. The constant noise blurs together and most consumers have…

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