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Timmy Global Health is an Indianapolis-based non-profit that sends teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, and medical students to remote villages around the world where proper medical care is lacking. Non-profits like Timmy Global Health have been a passion of ours since Shout Out began.

A Life Changing Trip

We first worked with TGH back in 2012 where, in collaboration with the American Medical Association, we launched the Take a Trip With Timmy campaign. The campaign goals were to raise awareness for the cause, increase exposure for the Timmy Global Health brand, and to ultimately send two medical students on an all expenses paid trip with Timmy Global Health, complete with all the gear needed to document and share the journey.


Not only was the campaign a hit, Timmy Global Health, Shout Out Studio, and the American Medical Association were awarded the Best of PiMA Award for Excellence in Marketing – the top award given in the industry for insurance marketing programs.
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The goal of our most recent engagement with Timmy was to improve the visual positioning of the brand. The identity and website completed several years ago were ready for new life. Something more reflective of Timmy’s growth and accomplishments. Something that better spoke to their audience mix that included donors, volunteers, and the medical community as a whole.
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It was important to show a more established look without sacrificing approachability. The “global hand” mark had equity with those who knew TGH so we kept it and instead used adjustments to color palette and typography to accomplish an improved sense of trust and stability.

Services Provided

  • Identity Design
  • Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
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