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The Incredible Power of Online Reviews

Everyone has a story about online reviews; some are good and well, some aren’t. So before we take a deeper dive, let’s go to the board for a few stats. 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses – Source 94% of consumers read online reviews; they trust reviews as much as recommendations…

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Brand Consistency is Worth 23%

A survey we recently ran across had a statistic that, frankly, astounded us:  The average increased revenue attributed to consistent brand presentation, by the organizations that responded, is 23 percent. Most people would view this as low hanging fruit and take 23 percent in revenue. At least that’s what we thought.  As we read further…

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Remarkable Marketing

For the average consumer, basic needs and wants are only a few clicks away or ready for pick-up, maybe even delivery. Brands are constantly wanting to be a part of this transaction and so they storm consumers with marketing noise in an effort to do so. The constant noise blurs together and most consumers have…

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Should You Set Up a Google My Business Page If You Don’t Have a Physical Address?

Navigating your own business can be a difficult endeavor. There are many decisions to make surrounding which business services are right for you. While there are advantages to not having a physical address for your business, it can make registering for certain business services more difficult. Many of these helpful services require you to enter…

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The Real Impact of Poor Digital Marketing on a Company’s Value

Every morning I spend about an hour catching up on news and events. Most of this effort is business-related, and there are always a few “nuggets” I can use. Recently I found one… I read an article about downgrading for a company’s stock, partially due to its digital marketing. “We see a recent slowdown in…

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what's your brand
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What’s Your Brand?

“Describe your brand.” It’s a simple request and one that we ask of every client. Let’s start with one data point. Brand is more than a logo or a name; it’s the full representation of your company (tone, voice, look, values) and how it’s perceived out in the world. So as companies grow how do…

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You are What You Tweet - Social Media for Restaurants
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You are What You Tweet

Today, social media’s impact on restaurants is more significant than ever. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on how a restaurant executes a social media strategy. If done right, social media can have massive marketing power at a minimal cost. But just creating social media accounts and aimlessly pushing out self-promoting content is…

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key components of a brand guide
1920 703 Nathaniel Seevers

Key Components of a Brand Guide

A well-formed Brand Guide can act as a playbook for business decisions and marketing strategies. It’s a point of reference as to why the brand was started in the first place and a compass for maintaining your intended path. Keep in mind, when we say brand we’re talking about much more than the design components.…

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helping small businesses with digital marketing
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What Small Business Can Learn from Big Brands in Digital Marketing

Editor’s Note: Shout Out Studio has partnered with students from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) to mentor, research and write a series of blog posts for The authors are members of student-led group, East Bridge Consultancy, an affiliate of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity. By: Grant Smith & Kristian Jennes With the release…

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