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Size Matters When Filming Interviews

Quality video interviews are a powerful marketing tool. Read on to learn what we use to film our video interviews and how it helps us improve the quality of our video interviews.

An often-overlooked fact about those not used to being on camera: An interviewee’s “comfort level” during a conversation is set from the moment they walk in the room — determined by the amount and size of equipment setup.

While hiring a professional video service seems smart… there’s one thing they ALL bring to the table: The Fear Factor.

If the interviewee is like most people, odds are those bright lights, long mics, and big ‘ol cameras are going to be the first and only thing on their mind until the moment they walk out the room.

With over a decade of client work clocked in, our team has heard all the horror stories about a coworker, client, or consumer interview gone wrong. And might we just say:

Intimidating your interviewee is one of the best ways to tank the quality of their responses before even asking your first question!

Talk about blowing an opportunity:

  • 79% of consumers claim to watch testimonials to learn more about a company, product, or service

  • 66% report they’re more likely to make a purchase after watching testimonial of how a product/service has helped someone else like them

Those are not numbers to ignore.

While a smaller setup, like a “SmallRig,” may not look like much, that’s the whole point now, isn’t it? With a tool like this, your team has everything it needs to film a quality interview… without the whole fear factor!

{ To clarify, this is NOT an ad. We are just adamant believers in quality content marketing and speak from experience that this is a great tool to help teams capture high-quality content. }

The SmallRig includes:

👉 A mount for your phone (easily adjusted horizontally + vertically)

👉 Mounted light (with adjustable brightness + color temperature)

👉 Mounted microphone (that links to your phone’s camera)

👉 Mounted battery pack

👉 All housed on tripod legs with easy-to-hold handles

To be clear, a camera is not included. The SmallRig is intended for use with a phone as the camera. That’s right, no big, expensive cameras required — nearly any smartphone camera captures high-resolution video!

Remember: The less-intimating your setup, the more comfortable your interviewee will be — meaning better conversations, and better marketing materials.

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