Why Use Taglines When Branding

Why Use Taglines When Branding

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The jury of branding experts is out on the absolute necessity of a tagline in branding. Some argue that the majority of taglines are bad and basically worthless while others point to the tagline’s direct opportunity to communicate a brand’s purpose and difference right from the start.

A more reasonable statement would be that when conceived and created properly a really good tagline reinforces your brand’s message and helps connect an idea with your audience. Not having a tagline won’t sink your company. But why pass up the opportunity to communicate with the market?

Tagline Benefits

  • The right tagline provides a clear message of what your brand is all about. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams does this with the tagline, ” Built from the ground up with superlative ingredients.” At Shout Out Studio our tagline is “Get more from online.” That’s exactly what we strive to deliver to our clients – a better online presence.
  • You could even use it to set yourself apart right from the get-go. 7Up sold themselves as “The Uncola” at one point.
  • A good tagline can elicit emotion and paint a picture of brand personality. Nike says, “Just do it.” L’Oreal Paris says, “Because you’re worth it.”
  • A tagline allows for brand versatility. Instead of naming your company something so directly to the point of your product, service or benefit use your tagline to reinforce the message. If your company evolves down the road a tagline is much easier to change than your entire corporate name and identity.

How to build a better tagline

  • Start with your brand promise. Why did you create this business? How are you different? Why should anyone care?
  • Show personality. If your brand is a bit more upscale and dramatic make sure you’re speaking in that voice.
  • Make them read it twice. It might seem counter-intuitive but breaking the normal patterns of speech are a great way to grab attention. “Get more from online” isn’t exactly what you would expect. “Get more out of being online” is closer to a normal statement but it isn’t as strong.
  • Draw on emotion or action. Sony does both with, “Make Believe.”
  • Get inspired. Check out this list of the best taglines of all time.

Have other tips for creating a great tagline? How about examples of great taglines from companies in your city? Share them with us in the comments or on twitter @Shoutoutstudio with the hashtag #TaglineShoutOut.


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