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Admirable Brand Marketing

Admirable Brand Marketing

Admirable Brand Marketing 880 461 Gretchen Ardizzone

We spend a lot of our time helping brands increase their marketing effectiveness, but yesterday we sat back and took a moment to appreciate those who are doing it right. Here are a few brands, big and small, we admire for thinking holistically when it comes to marketing and telling their story.

Gretchen Ardizzone—Warby Parker

When thinking about admirable brand marketing, for me, it’s got to be Warby. I watched this brand go from undercover indie to mainstream cool, all while managing to maintain their authentic, genuine, do-good attitude. Warby Parker launched in 2010 with its home try-on program and a mission to offer boutique-style glasses at affordable prices.

What makes it admirable is what they’re marketing is bigger than just eyewear. The brand evokes a physical representation of literacy. Heck, the name was even born from two character’s names, Zagg Parker and Warby Pepper, from writer Jack Kerouac’s journal. read more


Passion For Doing It Right.

Passion For Doing It Right. 842 452 Marsh Williams

One of the great things about our work is that we’re always meeting new people. Every week we are getting to talk with entrepreneurs who are doing everything from creating new medical devices to craft brewers, and there is one undeniable link: they are incredibly passionate about what they are doing. I love this! It’s not often I throw exclamation marks around but there it is.

Seriously, I can’t remember when I’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many people who are passionately committed to making something great. It almost seems like a recommitment to the craftsman era of the 1900’s when small groups of people got together bonded by their passion for art, furniture making, architecture, whatever. This movement which was essentially anti-industrial stood for craftsmanship and simplicity, and while today’s movement may seem read more

photo by Barbara Willi used under Creative Commons 2.0

25 Simple Methods to Get Inbound Links For Your Website

25 Simple Methods to Get Inbound Links For Your Website 842 452 Shout Out Studio

One of the truths about SEO is that inbound links are absolutely critical to increase your search ranking.

When I explain how Google sees inbound links as votes of confidence, I always see folks nod their head. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Then I ask them how they think we should go about link-building.

Blank stare.

I thought I’d try to help the folks out there who need some help. Here’s a list of 25 ways to get inbound links to your website: read more

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