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3 Core Components to Persuasive Marketing Messaging

3 Core Components to Persuasive Marketing Messaging 1920 703 Shout Out Studio
Getting your business’ message to the right audience is difficult enough. So many marketing pros end up spending a lot of their effort on increasing the audience SIZE rather than crafting the perfect message to deliver to that audience.

Be sure to infuse these three ingredients into your advertising and you’ll be smooth sailing.

A Quick Introduction from Aristotle

Aristotle Introduced the three modes of persuasion in Rhetoric (written in 350 BCE). In Rhetoric, Aristotle writes that persuasion is the counterpart to dialect. Where “dialect” signifies discourse and discussion, “persuasion” suggests an intent to seducing an audience to your position.

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are all modes of persuasion capable of shifting an audience in their thinking. Some will be more susceptible to one mode, but the combination of all three into your messaging will hook your audience in a deep way. read more

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