10 Most Important Parts of a Homepage

The 10 Most Important Parts Of a Homepage

Your homepage: the front window of your business where you get to put what you do on display. The perfect setting to put your best foot forward. The first, and possibly only, impression on a potential customer or client. With so much at stake, you want to be as prepared as possible by leaving no […]

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mobile phone

Google Makes Mobile Site Mandatory

Well it’s now official. If you don’t have a website that is mobile friendly you’ll be harder to find on Google. After months of proclaiming the importance of having a mobile website, Google has finally implemented their changes that make a mobile site mandatory as part of a company’s SEO strategy. Up until last week, […]

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How To Create Well-Designed Emails

A few months ago, we did a post for our favorite Attention Grabbing Email Marketing Campaigns. As was mentioned by a few team members (myself included) a well-designed, eye-catching email is something that we found to be the most attractive aspect of different campaigns. Being able to grab someone’s attention is the first step in […]

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a compass and a map

Key Components of a Brand Guide

A well formed Brand Guide can act as a compass for business decisions and marketing strategies. It’s a reference to why the brand was started in the first place and a watermark for where you’re heading. It’s more than just the design components. More than just the looks. It should, as accurately as possible, describe […]

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A Product of Craftsmanship

Were pretty big fans of beer here at Shout Out Studio. Recently we were fortunate enough to do a collaboration on our own beer with local brewery, Seventh Sons Brewing, here in Columbus. It got us thinking. Craft beer isn’t the only thing now a days being made in small batches by talented craftsmen. Here […]

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Keys to a New, Better Website in 2013

A new website might be in your organizations future. Maybe it’s even part of your new year’s resolution. Here’s some keys to helping your new website be the best it can be in 2013. Identify The Value of An Effective, New Website Knowing how valuable the website will be for your business is absolutely critical […]

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Photo of newly sharpened color pencils

How Color Can Impact Your Business

Color can play a major role in how folks think about your business Color choice in branding and identity design can come from many different places. Maybe it’s simply your favorite color or the color of your house when you were a kid or it’s a representation of a word or phrase in your company […]

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