3 Absolute Truths About SEO

3 Absolute Truths About SEO

3 Absolute Truths About SEO 842 452 Shout Out Studio

Optimizing a website for search engines is absolutely critical for brands hoping to be the answer to a searcher’s query.

While the importance is obvious, the strategy and tactics to get there are not. Being such a misunderstood practice, Search Engine Optimization has attracted both champs and chumps. Unsuspecting clients might have no clue they’ve hired an SEO chump until it’s too late.

While there’s a lot that’s murky about ranking your site within a search engine, here are 3 absolute truths.

Nobody Can Guarantee You a Rank

Shoddy SEO firms will promise you a #1 rank or a first-page rank. If they do start making promises, turn and run. Nobody can guarantee you a specific ranking. They can’t control what the competition is doing nor can anyone fully know what tweaks Google will roll out to its algorithm.

Firms that make these promises prey on the uneducated. Don’t be their next victim.

Social Media Signals Matter

All sorts of sources across the SEO landscape have attested to this fact that Google is using signals from social media sites to determine the quality of content. Search and social are intimately united.

Need more proof?

Link Building is Key

Google unleashes bots that crawl the internet like hungry gremlins. When a Google bot sees a link pointing to your website, Google takes that link as a vote of confidence. The more links pointing at your site, the better. The higher quality of links, the better.

There are many ways to dive deeper here, the point remains: Google ranks sites that have a lot of links pointing at them.

Nobody is sure about the number, but link building is thought to make up 65%-75% of a site’s search power.

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