Favorite Quotes of the Week

Favorite Quotes of the Week

Favorite Quotes of the Week 880 461 Shout Out Studio

As integrated team, communication is key. We use lots of mediums to communicate on a regular basis: email, text, Skype, Google Hangout, and good ole conversations, and occasionally we have priceless moments that make us laugh. Check out some of the entertaining musings of our team members in this collection of our favorite quotes of the week:

Nathaniel Seevers

“Like a snake eating a pig.” I’m not sure what the conversation was where I first heard that sage observation from our very own Marsh Williams. Nevertheless it’s hard to forget that punchline. It’s also hard to forget the collective look of the faces in the room. “It’s a southern thing…” was the definition given by Marsh in response to our inquisitive looks. I use it still to this day having no idea what it really means.

Gretchen Ardizzone

We often travel by car to meet with our clients, and we try to use this time to be productive to talk about projects or our own digital marketing initiatives. We even have a hotspot set up to connect online. Essentially it’s a mobile marketing unit. During a recent trip this is how our drive started: Luke: “What do you guys want to listen to? I have NPR or Radio Lab podcasts?” Shannon: “I have some Miley on my phone.” Needless to say Miley may be topping the billboard charts, but she did not win out on this battle. “We can’t stop” laughing.

 Shannon Blair

As Gretchen said – we often travel to meet our clients. Meaning we spend hours together and things can get pretty interesting… especially when its 6:30am and you haven’t had enough coffee. One particular conversation we have had involved Marsh saying, “Last night I was doing meatball math in my head.” Take a second to pause, as we did, and attempt to figure out what this means. After some questioning our team found out that meatball math means: Slapping together some sloppy numbers without really knowing what you’re going to get. Oddly enough, this saying has really taken to our team and is now frequently used.

Marsh Williams

First, none of what was said above it actually true. They just sit around and make this stuff up…

Last Monday we were all whining bout day-light-saving time. And, then Luke said “I love daylight saving time, it makes the day longer.” Then he tried to recover with “Well it doesn’t make the day longer but there’s more sunshine.” About a second later he self corrected with the incredible comeback of “…ah you know what I mean.” We immediately took him to Luck Brothers for a full coffee immersion.

He can try again in a year.

Photo Credit: becca.peterson26

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