How to Find Your Blog Writing Confidence

How to Find Your Blog Writing Confidence

How to Find Your Blog Writing Confidence 880 461 Shout Out Studio

Maintaining a blog on your business website can have some super cool benefits but getting started can be scary for some people. When you blog you are vulnerable, you are putting your thoughts out there for the WWW to see. Of course, you are going to get stuck in the middle of a great thought, critique it and lose confidence. It happens. Here are some thoughts to help you build your blog writing swagger.

So where do you go to seek confidence?

First, let loose. I wrote the first draft of this post in BRIGHT PINK. Why?

1) Who said writing in black was cool?

2) Because it makes me happy-go-lucky-I-can-conquer-the-world-while-I-drink-my-red-Moscato.

Write in any color, font or environment that speaks to your creativity. Even consider writing tools outside of the standard Word doc.

When is your most creative and/or productive part of the day?

This changes for everyone and is a question only you can answer. Mine is after the second cup of coffee when I think I could find Hogwarts if I try hard enough. People often have a habit of ignoring a creative spark/idea because they are in the middle of something. I encourage you, beg you and hopefully am persuading you to STOP and channel it into something awesome, like your blog.

And when you have that spark…

Write quickly. If you take time to consider and revise, you lose your train of thought. No one likes a lost train. Write a rough draft first and then critique yourself later.

Earnest Hemmingway said:

“The first draft of anything is crap.”

… If Hemmingway said it, it’s true – he’s the man.

Read other blogs

The ones you love as well as the ones you hate. Sometimes hate sparks more motivation than love, take politics for example.

Let’s be real – you are going to have a “holy s**t I’m stuck” moment. It’s all good. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t throw your computer either. Listen to some jams, read a book, watch people on the youtube machine who inspire you and, in the end, put the most awesome part of yourself into your blog.

Have other tips for finding your blog writing confidence? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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