Seducing Your Audience

Seducing Your Audience

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Choosing between boring, yelling at or seducing your audience seems obvious; seduction wins, duh! But all too often we don’t take the time to seduce the audience. We fall into messaging, writing and design that will offend nobody and –  consequently –  will engage nobody.

Seduction requires being subtle in some ways & overt in others. Being forward yet being coy. A bit of tug & pull will have your target audience drooling over you.

Yelling is a lot easier than seduction.

Ever been in an elevator and stood there for a few seconds before remembering to actually tell the elevator which floor to go to? Ever sat a moment too long at a stop light waiting for it to turn green even though it already has? It’s because the thing holding your attention is something other than the world in front of you. As marketers, this is the biggest challenge we face. One way to get the attention of today’s over-informed audience is to yell really loud. Use bright colors, large font & loud music.

Yelling is a lousy way to start a romance.

Seduction means making your product or service and it’s messaging more interesting than whatever else is competing for your audience’s attention. You become the thing that distracts them from everything else. For examples of brands seducing their audience see Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, Angry Birds, Instagram, Nascar and any other thing groups are obsessed with.

Go forth and seduce!

Don’t bore your audience. Don’t yell at them. Those are both horrible ways to start a romance. Seduce them. They’ll like it, you’ll have more fun and make lots, lots more money.

Some Questions to Get the Ball Rolling

  1. What is our organization pumping out that is boring?
  2. What is our organization doing that is just yelling or interrupting?
  3. How are we doing at seducing our audience?
  4. How might we transform some of our boring or yelling material into seductive material?
  5. What are competitors doing to seduce our audience away from us?

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