Test Driving the New Google Databoard

Test Driving the New Google Databoard

Test Driving the New Google Databoard 1920 700 Nathaniel Seevers

The internet has blessed us with many things. New ways to communicate across distances. The ability to tour a city or building on the other side of the world. Opportunities for new business ventures, avenues for invention, enhanced celebrity obsession and copious amounts of cat videos.

And Insights. Data at our fingertips. With a little smart searching and a lot of compiling you can build a case for or against nearly anything thanks to the internet.

The folks over at Google decided, you really shouldn’t have to waste all that time. They’ve compiled insights for you via Google research studies and have made them available to you at the new Google Databoard. There are only a few studies available currently, all based around mobile usage and trends, but you’re able to sift through the studies, drill down into topics and curate data points to create your own infographic.

Watch this video to see it in action:

The presentation is clean and smart, what you’ve come to expect from Google. If the studies become more diverse and the library more abundant Google Databoard could turn out to be a go-to source for adding an infographic to your blog post or reinforcing an idea in a business meeting or presentation. This infographic took a quick 10 minutes to put together. See it here >>

Put your infographic together and share it with us in the comments or over on Google+

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