The Benefits of Internships

The Benefits of Internships

The Benefits of Internships 880 461 Shout Out Studio

I can sit studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs and core elements of consumer-driven marketing strategy for years, which it seems I have been doing nothing but for 4 years. Yet no matter how much I immerse myself in my textbooks, nothing will prepare me for real life experience more than working in, well, real life.

This is where Shout Out Studio comes into play.

I interned with these fine people previously and knew how they were bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for work and for the services they provided their clients. I was beyond excited for them when a little birdie told me, they were going to set out and follow their dreams. To do work they can be proud of, with people they enjoy, and clients they love to work with.

Let’s face it; any college student considers an internship to be a blessing. But you are always hoping to find one that is supportive of knowing that you are still in your learning phase. I found that and I found the opportunity to work with people who’s personalities and enthusiasm match mine. That is an unexpected dream. That is a rare find. Then add the excitement and refreshing fact that these crazy people are starting an organization from the ground up and you get to be another set of internal eyes watching it happen? I about had a heart attack, dancing around my kitchen to Madonna.

These folks are about as supportive as you can find. They welcomed me with open arms and diligently work around my ever-changing class schedule. They understand my desire to learn in an environment that is relevant to my communications degree and will allow me to apply this knowledge going forward.

Now you may be asking yourself questions such as; “Why should my company have an internship program?” “What are the benefits of students having internships?”

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