If you aren’t measuring you’re wasting your time…Twitter Analytics

If you aren’t measuring you’re wasting your time…Twitter Analytics

If you aren’t measuring you’re wasting your time…Twitter Analytics 880 461 Marsh Williams

Let’s start with a brief bit of context. I hated statistics in college. I did everything possible to avoid it as a subject area and it bored the hell out of me.

Skip forward a whole lot of years and I now love statistics. They are the benchmark for measuring creativity and the effectiveness of any digital marketing efforts.

Seem like a non-sequetor? It’s not. Shout Out’s whole approach to marketing is based on a simple model:


This combines the left brain/right brain, creativity, and measurement, in what we believe has become a truly effective way to approach all of our clients’ marketing programs.

So what? Great question….

Following is a brief overview of one option we believe to be especially effective in testing and analyzing Internet marketing for small businesses. Our goal with this and the additional overviews to come is to present an analysis method within the realm of possibility by providing both the means and the approach — what needs to be measured and how to measure it without an advanced degree in statistics.

So let’s jump right in with a review of the new Twitter Analytics tools

A little over a week ago Twitter released some new analytics data for users. While it has a long way to go, it’s not a bad start. Currently, not all users have all functions so we’ll just reference what we can see at this point, fully realizing that it may be more or less than you might see if you log into your account.

To access analytics go to http://analytics.twitter.com and use your account login credentials.

The first thing you’re going to see is a not too subtle promotion for Twitter advertising, but ignore that for now. At the top of the page, you will see “Analytics” right next to the home navigation. Under Analytics you will see a drop-down for “Timeline” and “Followers.”

Click on Timeline and take a look….


You will see a graphic at the top of the screen followed by a list of recent tweets. Start by looking at the recent tweets. To the right notice “Show: Best Good All.”

Clicking on Best brings up the top performing 15% of your tweets. Clicking on Good brings up the top 66% of your tweets based on engagement.

In going through ours we immediately noticed some interesting trends.

  • Tweets that lead with “How to” or “X steps to, ” outperformed almost everything else.
  • Tweets with the words “Guide,” or “Simple” in early on in the message performed very well.
  • Timelines count. In providing curated content, the closer we were to the actual publication time and date the higher the performance.
  • Take a look and see what you can spot as trends in your Best and Good categories.

Next week:

The Google Analytics you have to care about…yeah, it’s like eating your spinach.

photo credit: Gavin Brogan

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