Big Success by Small Organization Using Social Media

Big Success by Small Organization Using Social Media

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The small Swiss village of Obermutten, population 79, became a Facebook sensation after its fan page launched with a video (in Swiss German) of the mayor promising that anyone who “liked” it would have their profile picture posted on the town’s (real, not virtual) message board. After the first 10 “Like” they posted a new video showing the town’s message board.

Obermutten now has more than 14,000 fans. Jung von Matt/Limmat created the campaign for a regional tourism department.

The beauty of this campaign was that it was simple and sincere. They used Facebook to make a personal connection with people and tell their story, and they did it as individuals. This is the type of campaign that connects with people and encourages them to help spread the word.


  • What did it take to make this happen? Here are some of the main statistics mentioned in the video:
  • Budget. 10,000 Swiss francs (about 8,300 €, £ 7,000 or $11,000)
  • ROI. 2.4 million Swiss francs media equivalent
  • Reach. 60 million, fans from 32 countries on every continent
  • Activity. Most active Facebook page in Switzerland
  • Engagement. 4 out of 5 fans interact with the page – including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Coca Cola
  • Competition. More Facebook fans than Saint Moritz, Helsinki and Florence
  • Website traffic. +250% traffic to the Obermutten tourism website
  • Kudos. Thousands have promised to visit, hundreds already have

Photo Credit: Marcin Wichary

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