Fishing & Email Marketing

Fishing & Email Marketing

Fishing & Email Marketing 842 452 Marsh Williams

I love to fish. There is something about the challenge of mixing the conditions with the challenge with the unknowns that just gets me going: it’s all mental.

When I go with others we have a rule upon arrival. Everyone tries a different lure to see what the fish are biting. After fifteen minutes if no one has a hit we all change to another lure: again all different. Eventually, someone gets a bite, and then we all start using the same lure.

Now apply this A/B testing approach to your email marketing strategy. Here is a great reference article on A/B testing for email marketing.

See how your audience responds and remember this is the start of a conversation that will extend over time. As the conditions change so should the lure used. Test at least once per quarter to see what they are biting.

Photo Credit: Kasper Sorensen

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