How and Why to Make a Company Bucket List

How and Why to Make a Company Bucket List

How and Why to Make a Company Bucket List 880 461 Shout Out Studio

June is here and everyone is getting that summer itch. It’s the one where people would rather be out and about instead of in the office. It’s the same one that has everyone dreaming of that vacation to The Outer Banks they have coming up.

So, you have a pile of things you have to get done before you can get to the summer fun. What do you do? (I promise I’m not leading you to a cheesy infomercial)

Make a Summer Company Bucket List! For not only fun things but ridiculously productive things as well. 

Yes, you can do both. When everyone else is taking half days to hit the beach or golf course get creative with your productivity.

What are some things that you’ve wanted to do but keep putting off? DO THOSE THINGS. Schedule time to do it this summer. It doesn’t have to be something you are dreading to do, but if it is, make it into something fun by adding a change of scenery. Find a great coffee shop, restaurant or pub with a patio for instance.

How to create your company bucket list:

This bucket list should not only be for fun adventures but for checking off tasks within your business as well.

Start by sectioning off your bucket list into two parts: Business and Team Building (fun). The more fun, team building items can even be a reward for completing the more serious, business objectives.

(Getting Down To) Business:

  • Have Creative Freedom Days… What is that you ask? It’s a whole awesome, fun day when everyone can accomplish his or her own personal tasks and projects that have been delayed by meetings, other projects and such. These are business beneficial projects that are geared more towards a persons interests and passions. Maybe Tommy has been wanting to make a video entry for the blog. Get it on the list.
  • Go through your old notes and pull out creative ideas that never made it to “Go Mode.” Maybe now is the time to revisit those discussions.
  • Join/Schedule a Conference. Seems like there is always a super informative conference around the corner. Have you been putting off booking your spot? Maybe summer is the time. Especially if it involves outside activities in a great city.
  • Do something useful for your audience. For example, Shout Out is working on a Virtual Coffee Google+ Hangout for Small Business Marketing Questions. You could do something similar for your industry and promote it. Make it a laid back way to have conversation online – coffee with people even if you’re not in the same city.

Team Building Time:

  • Look around for fun things to do as a company. Have you heard of other businesses doing fun things together that makes you super jealous that you’re company doesn’t do that? Do that. Put the idea out there! Start a field trip suggestion box or Google Doc.
  • Get involved in your city with a co-worker team. The Color Run comes through Columbus and hits a number of cities every year. Combine your team building with “do-gooding” like signing up for Komen Race for The Cure or create your own charity event.
  • At Shout Out we’re lucky enough to know some great craft brewers and it’s inspired us to make our own beer this summer. Or create your own company wine if that’s more your thing (don’t feel bad it’s our thing too).

Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with your ideas. The more fun you have together as a team the more reason you have to be productive at work and get the creative juices flowing. Also, don’t just set up a summer bucket list, set up a bucket list for every season. Every quarter you can get involved in a seasonal charity and explore your city.

Working on your seasonal company bucket list now? Feel free to share.

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