Using Instagram’s New Tagging Feature For Marketing

Using Instagram’s New Tagging Feature For Marketing

Using Instagram’s New Tagging Feature For Marketing 880 461 Shout Out Studio

Could the new tagging feature improve Instagram for marketing?

You know how Insty is already for creative and visual interaction with fans of your company? Well party people, it just got turned up a notch.

Put down those not-so entertaining pics of cats, food and #selfiesunday’s. Instagram has a new secret treasure they have unlocked:

The new tagging feature.

Put simply, this new feature is a quick and easy way to store fan photos of your company. Before this feature, you received a notification when someone mentioned you in a photo and you had to repost/regram every photo onto your own Instagram for your followers to see it. Who has time for that?

If you haven’t stumbled upon it already simply click on the profile button bottom right, then the icon on the far right in the bar under your bio.


This simple click takes you to Photos of You, a collection of photos that you have been tagged in. Quickly and easily see that collection instead of scrolling through your previous notifications. Also, this feature can be used as a measurement of how well you are doing on Instagram and how interactive your fans are with your brand. If you have a larger selection of fan photos one might say you are doing well interacting with fans. If you have a small number of fan photos you should take time to build a strategy to improve fan interaction.

TIP: Consider creating a location-based contest whereby fans take a picture of your product or logo in crazy locations and tag it to your company Instagram profile.

Should you continue to repost/regram photos?

Yes. It is still an encouraging way to engage with your fans and show your fan appreciation by reposting a few photos that you were tagged in. But it’s not all about you. You should also interact with tags, comments, and photos of other companies you admire to continue interaction efforts and hopefully gain a few followers as well.

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Photo credit: Jessica Zollman

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