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Instagram Launches a New Business Resource 842 452 Marsh Williams

Instagram Launches a New Business Resource

A year ago only the early adopters knew about Instagram, now it has become the latest social media darling with over 100 million users. If you don’t know about Instagram yet or just haven’t had time to check it out, give it a shot (pardon the pun); it’s worth experiencing. Now the Instagram has launched…

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Big Success by Small Organization Using Social Media 842 452 Marsh Williams

Big Success by Small Organization Using Social Media

The small Swiss village of Obermutten, population 79, became a Facebook sensation after its fan page launched with a video (in Swiss German) of the mayor promising that anyone who “liked” it would have their profile picture posted on the town’s (real, not virtual) message board. After the first 10 “Like” they posted a new…

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Fishing & Email Marketing 842 452 Marsh Williams

Fishing & Email Marketing

I love to fish. There is something about the challenge of mixing the conditions with the challenge with the unknowns that just gets me going: it’s all mental. When I go with others we have a rule upon arrival. Everyone tries a different lure to see what the fish are biting. After fifteen minutes if…

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