Brands We Wish Were Real

Brands We Wish Were Real

Brands We Wish Were Real 1920 700 Shout Out Studio

Good brands create advocates. Fans so passionate they take it upon themselves to spread the brand message and share their joy. That is what good marketing is all about. Creating brand advocates. We often talk about these brands at Shout Out Studio and do our part to help our clients do the same. In fact, we got to talking the other day and found out that everyone had a favorite brand they were advocates for that simply speaking, didn’t exist. Here is our ode to our favorite brands we wish were real.


When you’re on the run from the law, when you’re singing into a can, when you’re sleeping in the woods…accept no substitute.

“I’m a Dapper Dan man!” 

When Everett McGill (George Clooney) orders Dapper Dan and is offered FOP, another brand of men’s pomade in the movie, O’ Brother Where Art Thou? that was his declaration. Wouldn’t we all appreciate that sort of brand loyalty?

I’m convinced! If not for the main ingredient being real seal oil I might give it a try. By the way, for a great men’s hair product with natural ingredients and no seal bits, check out Cliff Original.

So what can we learn from Dapper Dan’s dedicated following? First of all, don’t overlook the importance of your brand’s name. FOP versus Dapper Dan; which one sounds like something you’d like to put in your hair? Also, check out that package design. If I use Dapper Dan I could look like this Clark Gable-ish fella?

I’ll take 2 cans!


Paper Street Soap Company is the brand name given to the high-end soap company that serves as a cover for a secret, recreational “Fight Club.” Started by an insomniac, white-collar worker played by Ed Norton and soap maker played by Brad Pitt, there are a few ironic elements to this brand. 1.) The production facility on Paper Street where the soap was made was a dilapidated, fifthly house that smelled. Couldn’t be farther from anything you’d associate with a product that keeps you clean. 2.) There’s hidden meaning in the name. The term “paper street” is actually a street that appears on maps but doesn’t exist in real life. It happens when city planners or developers lay out a street that is never built.

Lessons from this faux brand: Develop a reputation for your brand, gain a following, make it feel exclusive, and have good representation.


When reviewing the organizations that made America great, the list is long: US Steel, Ford, Boeing, General Electric. But without a doubt, one name stands above the rest, ACME. This titan of industry is one of the most progressive when it comes to product development and speed to market. From the Rocket Propelled Unicycle to the Personal Rocket Transporter System (more commonly known as the PRTS), and the ubiquitous Acme Anvil, the endless stream of innovations is universally recognized. Many companies burden themselves with product testing and refinement, Acme has eschewed such conventions and taken pride in the fact that no idea is too stupid to make it to market.

Most customers love the innovative spirit of Acme and rush to join their real-time field testing program. This company-customer partnership is one of their true claims to fame, and all customers who survive are encouraged to report their test results. Unfortunately, many of the reports were lost during field testing for the ACME File ‘n Shred, their-ill-fated foray into office automation.

Nonetheless, the legend that is Acme continues, undaunted, to leave it’s impression on the minds of millions every year.


You want to know how good a job the folks at Archer did in making an advocate for the brand Gelngoolie Blue? Wel,l I now consider myself an advocate, and I don’t even like Scotch. I think it tastes like a band-aid and it makes me feel like I am sitting in the doctors office.

Archer did such a good job of using the name Glengoolie Blue that, until very recently, I thought it was real. Even my girlfriend who designs craft cocktails for bars and restaurants wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Although we didn’t know if it was real or not, we both thought that it must be pretty awesome scotch. Now we often find ourselves planning to celebrate special occasions with a nice glass of Glengoolie Blue… If only.

Photo Credit: Rob Boudon

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