To Begin Target Marketing Get Laser Focused

To Begin Target Marketing Get Laser Focused

To Begin Target Marketing Get Laser Focused 880 461 Nathaniel Seevers

We often come across companies that know they want to market themselves but they don’t know what to say or how to say it. More than that, they don’t know whom to say it to and they often resort to grabbing a bullhorn and yelling to everyone. Target marketing helps you to be engaging to your audience and helps you to more easily see where you resources are best placed. To begin to develop a targeted marketing strategy you must first be laser focused as to who you are and what you want to get across in a message.

Sure, having a market large enough to support your business is important and should be a major part of your analysis when considering even starting one in the first place. But even though you may consider yourself that well rounded, perfect for everyone solution – not everyone will see you that way. You shouldn’t want them to.

The truth is there can be side effects with that approach.

An “everyone market” is too general.

I couldn’t tell you the brand name of the broom in my kitchen. It’s a broom. I think it’s green. It looks like every other broom. Which is perfectly fine. Except, when that broom breaks or wears out I have no loyalty to any broom maker brands and I’ll end up buying the first affordable broom I can get my hands on.

A large number of folks may need a trusty, reliable everyday broom but if you create a general product for the sake of marketing to an “everyone market” you significantly lower the chance to drive loyalty. What you do create is the chance to be confused with everyone else.

When you are unable to communicate the difference it’s tough to be different.

When you try to be everyone else you lose your identity.

Restaurants and bars are notorious for this. We’ve all seen it – bulging menus with every type and kind of food and drink you can imagine. “Our competitor gets these customers because they have X, so we should add X even though it has nothing to do with our brand or core offering.” A number of restaurants go under this way and it’s not just limited to the food service industry.

If your message is clear people get it and it’s easier for them to connect and make a decision about you. An unclear message means indecision and that equals inaction. These 3 questions may help get you started.

When you try to do everything you seldom to anything well.

This is the plight of Big Box retail. “Yeah, we have clothing and auto and grocery and electronics. You can get your tires rotated, buy new glasses, grab a pizza – hell you can even buy a casket here if you just can’t find that perfect gift for the person who has everything.”

Rarely will you ever hear someone say – “Acme Everything Store has the best whatever of any place in town.” No, you know who has that best whatever? The brake shop that only does brakes and the florist who only does flowers. Focus on what you do and work to do it better than anyone else. Unrelated extensions water down your brand and your message.

Let people know what you’re great at and why so they want to turn to you for it.

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